About Us

Bob and Brenda Ramage Kucharzewski, founded Ancestral Journeys of Scotland in 1994. Both Bob and Brenda are natives of Scotland and grew up in the ancient town of Dunfermline, located 15 miles north of the Royal Burgh of Edinburgh. Although they have lived in the United States and Australia for a number of years, the ties to their beloved country brought them back in 1993. Once back in Scotland, Bob and Brenda hosted many friends and clients from all over the world who were interested in Scottish Ancestry. It was at this time that they realized the need within the tourism industry of offering personalized tours based on ancestry. And from this, Ancestral Journeys of Scotland began.

Brenda is an experienced travel agent and an expert Accredited Genealogist. She has had the opportunity to connect many of her client's ancestry into the clans and peoples of Scotland. She loves to get off of the beaten path and explore a different view of the Scotland she loves best, while at the same time showing you the lands that your ancestors may have known. Bob served in the Northern Territory Police Force of Australia for many years, as well as a business man in the public sector. He has a passion for Scottish history and has a unique way of telling the stories of Scotland. Both Bob and Brenda are very people oriented and their personal journeys have contributed to the many stories you will hear as you travel with them. Their invitation to you is to come to Scotland and see these places for yourself.